Welcome to the Youthful Lady® blog! It is my hope to provide and inspire you with useful information about cosmetics (lotions, creams, soap, toners, shampoo …etc), skincare, and nutrition. Many of us are slaves to clever marketing. We trust that the people behind the marketing believe in providing things that are good for us, but the truth is that the two are rarely cohesive with big name brands. They make the products cheap and the results barely believable to keep you coming back. There is a movement of home-based businesses and small companies that do care and are making products with your health and quality of life in mind. Making products with simple, but effective ingredients is what we do at Youthful Lady®. The big name brands use mostly man-made ingredients with very few natural ingredients. I believe it should be the other way around – mostly natural ingredients with very few man-made ingredients. So, let’s journey together into the world of skincare and discover things that are truly wonderful and not just made to seem wonderful.

Get more natural.

Cleanse • Hydrate • Nourish • Redefine


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