Skincare Superfoods – Avocado πŸ₯‘Β 

Hey there! We’re slowly inching our way to spring! I’m looking forward to seeing the grass again that is under feet of ice and snow here in Northern Idaho. We are fortunate to have an abundance of evergreen trees in the inland northwest. They give us a sense of life amidst the grey skies and white covered landscape. The abundance of snow this year has afforded us the opportunity to really check out which type of wild animals are lurking about. We knew we had turkey, porcupine (one of my dogs found that out the hard way), deer, coyote, cougar, bear, quail, and occasional moose, but now we know we have bobcat. The snow makes a nice canvas for animal prints. As it is now, the melting snow makes me think of time in the lakes. Time to get serious about looking and feeling good. Good thing we have superfoods to help us get healthy, trimmed, and glowing skin!

Instagram avocado post #3: Potassium, a mineral that’s critical for maintaining your heartbeat, fluid and electrolyte balance, is also abundant in avocados. A third of a cup of avocado gives us over 370 mg (a whole banana is 420 mg) of this crucial mineral! Taking a supplement for potassium is dangerous and not recommended (except under a doctor’s supervision), but getting this mineral from a whole food source, such as avocado, is easily absorbed and regulated by the body. But don’t confuse potassium (on the chart of elements as K) with Vitamin K though. They are not the same. Vitamin K is also found in avocados and has its own important role in your body to make clotting factors (keeps you from bleeding to death from a paper cut). Easily get a portion of your potassium and Vitamin K needs from adding avocados to your diet! Keeping your inside healthy, helps keep your outside looking healthy! #youthfullady #cleanse #hydrate #nourish #redefine #cleaneating #avocado #superfoods #healthychoices #handmade #vegan #vegetarian #getfit

Cleanse β€’ Hydrate β€’ Nourish β€’ Redefine


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