Make an avocado smoothie! 

Wow. It’s been a while since my last post and for good reasons. We packed up and moved back to Cheyenne, Wyoming! Northern Idaho was nice, but it was time to move back to our ‘home’ (we are originally from Maryland). After my husband and I got married in 2011, we moved to Cheyenne, where we started our family. We are glad to be back. So much has changed and so much has remained unaltered. It’s nice to see the additions and the familiarity. 

If you haven’t visited Cheyenne, Frontiers Days is always the best time to come. Held the last full week of July, there are so many unique things to do when Frontier Days comes to play. We have rodeos, concerts, parades, free pancake breakfasts to feed the entire city of Cheyenne, carnivals, and soooo much more. Who knows, maybe you could find me there 😉 🤠 🐮 🐴 

Without further ado – Instagram Post January 30, 2017: Bringing it home with a yummy avocado smoothie! All 3 of my kiddos are sick right now and so are my husband and I. The little ones don’t feel like eating. This smoothie sure helped with that! 1/8 c Hemp seed hearts, 1 banana, 1 small avocado, 1 handful frozen strawberries, 1/2 handful frozen dark sweet cherries, 2 tbsp honey. I used water (enough to cover all ingredients), because I didn’t want the calcium from a milk product to block the iron absorption of this high iron, vitamin C smoothie. Remember, avocados help the body better absorb lots of nutrients (we don’t want to block that with one ingredient). This turned out super light, fluffy, and just sweet enough 🙂 #youthfullady #skincare #cleanliving #cleanse #hydrate #nourish #redefine #vegan #vegetarian #fitness #handmade #avocado #superfoods #cleaneating #skinfood

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